Dance me down your secret street,

wash me in your wicked sweet,

tell me things I need to hear,

touch me with your breath so dear.

River run, river flow, swimming fast while drowning slow.

I wander, quiet in the sleepless night, once so clear and now so bright.

Do you think it should be so and you do, then how so?

Dance me down and lay me straight,

turn the key in holy gate.



Eyes so blue, heart so true,
His mark all over you.
Painted sinner, blessed saint,
chosen river, lovely quaint.

Joy delight, soul so bright
His loves flows out of you.
Glowing flower, truest friend,
fullest desert, no pretense.

And I love you from my deepest heart,
surrendered to your pure, deep strain.
I will keep you here, hidden in my soul,
through joy and tears and purest pain

Heart so kind, spirit sweet,
Dance me down your secret street.
Open sky, sunrise pure,
Hidden treasure, golden door.

Heaven kiss, Spirit touch,
His power sung through you.
Chosen lips, flowing hands,
Spirit light, we understand.