Manifest Glory

Everything in Creation is about God and people. Hence His greatest commandment to love Him and others.

When God decided to manifest and reveal Himself and His glory on earth, He created human beings to be the vessels of His glory. He is fully and properly manifest through His male and female creations. He intentionally chose not to manifest Himself through any of His other creations: they are expressions of His creative ability but not containers of Him and His glory. His glory, which is Spirit in essence because He is Spirit, can only live within a spiritual container. And only He can make spiritual containers. He chose to put His Spirit into men and women, His truest self-image creation.

The entrance of sin into human hearts through the rebellion of Adam and Eve resulted in the distortion and limitation of the expression of God and His glory through His men and women. Jesus then came to earth to redeem and restore the corrupted and therefore hindered expression of Himself in men and women.

And because God is spirit, His image is carried in our spirit. Spirit can only live within spirit, which in turn is contained in our body of flesh. This is why, as human beings, we have to be born again spiritually. Christ’s perfect work on the cross at Calvary enables the salvation and renewal of our spirit, which is required for us to be containers of God’s Spirit – God’s glory – which it is our purpose to spread across the earth.

God’s glory can only be properly made known through His created glory containers and carriers. These containers are you and me, saved by His grace through His son’s sacrifice, to fulfill His original commandment to Adam and Eve: to make Him and His glory manifest across the face of the whole earth.