Like Jesus?

You, like me, have at some point in your spiritual journey said, “I just want to be like Jesus.”

And you, like me, soon discovered how easy it is to say and incredibly difficult to do!

To live like Jesus means simply that we study His words and example and then emulate Him. Practically, we daily, constantly seek to think, speak and act as He did. We manifest this in our own unique ways as our imperfect lives are filtered through His perfect example. The Apostle Paul expresses this beautifully when he says, “Follow my example even as I follow Christ.”

Of course, living like Jesus is absolutely impossible without reading, studying and applying His Word, with the power of His Holy Spirit to enable us. It is His Word which tells us how to live like Him and it is the Holy Spirit who teaches, guides and empowers us to be like Him. Is it really possible to live like Jesus? Absolutely. Is it difficult? Yes, very much so.

The question is not so much can I do it but rather how do I do it. The Father expects us to become like His son. We read in Romans 8:29 that His greatest desire and intention for His children is that we all are transformed into the image of His Son. His heart is to have a heaven full of children who are like His one beloved and perfect son, Jesus Christ.

Being like Jesus is a lifelong goal and journey. It is a daily and constant practice made with choice and passion. It requires a change of thinking, feeling and lifestyle. Once you choose to attempt living like Him, it changes everything abut your life. Your time, energy and intentions are profoundly affected and the climb up the mountain becomes steeper and more demanding the higher you go.

But it is always worth it because the higher you climb the more spectacular the view becomes.